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Heating with Oil

Oil Heats Lean, Mean and Clean ... 

...making it Safe, Efficient and Economical

Oil heat gives you fewer worries and the comfort your family deserves; For one thing, it doesn't explode! If properly maintained, there is virtually no soot. Fuel Conversion Efficiency for oil is 99%. This means, hotter water -- faster. Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than gas. Oil heat releases fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. The choice is yours.


  • Oil will not burn unless heated to 140 degrees
  • Fuel oil is non-explosive
  • Risk of carbon monoxide exposure is lower for fuel oil than natural gas
  • When an oil burner goes out of adjustment, fuel oil is safer than gaseous fuels because SMOKE is generated BEFORE carbon monoxide is released
  • Oil burns more completely than gas releasing fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere


  • Oil burns 400+ degrees hotter than gas
  • Oil has faster recovery than any other types of heat
  • Water is heated much faster with oil heat


  • Oil gives the homeowner a choice of suppliers, not a unit monopoly
  • Oil companies are generally more responsive to customer service needs than the utilities
  • Oil furnaces can be upgraded easily and economically
  • Oil prices are market driven; they go up and down allowing for more competitive rates

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